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Tyler Hilton – June Newsletter

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Hey there friends!

Got some real cool news for you…. I have a brand new record ALL DONE.  How did it happen? I don’t remember honestly. I’ve been feeling on this writing tear over the last year… and this is the result!

It all starts rolling out TODAY! In fact, my new friends at Billboard are premiering (streaming only) the first single “City On Fire” RIGHT NOW on their website and is the ONLY place you can hear it before it comes out on Spotify/iTunes. Check it out through this link and let me know what you think!  This is probably one of my favorite songs I’ve been a part of, but had ZERO idea of how it would resonate with you guys / the general public. So…I was floored when I heard Billboard liked the song and wanted to feature it.  I mean, I literally couldn’t ask for a better start to what’s gonna be one hell of a year touring and promoting this record! Stay tuned on Instagram for when the song will officially go on sale.

I just shot my first music video in years and it’s probably the single coolest thing I’ve ever been in.  That’s what I get for turning the entire video over to my wife, Megan Park, who has directed some SICK music videos (do yourself a favor and go down a Megan Park YouTube hole… you’re welcome!) She came up with the most beautiful concept for it! Did any of you see clips I posted on insta when we shot it?? More on that very soon, it’s being edited now, but I couldn’t not tell you about it… Here’s a very interesting shot of me sitting on set of the video doing nothing.  There… that’s all you get for now.

City on Fire - New York - Los Angeles - Video

Still from upcoming “City On Fire” Video

TOUR STARTS NEXT WEEK in the US, then I’m kicking it all off in the UK / Europe with Kate Voegele! Got so much good response from you guys last time we came over, we couldn’t not do it again!! Check these dates below…do you live anywhere near here…??

Tyler Hilton - Influencer Marketing Agency Campaign


21 Decatur, GA, USA
22 Madisonville, KY, USA
23 Cincinnati, OH, USA
24 Port Clinton, OH, USA
26 Dublin, Ireland w/ Kate Voegele
28 Glasgow, UK w/ Kate Voegele
29 Manchester, UK w/ Kate Voegele
30 Birmingham,UK w/ Kate Voegele


01 Cardiff, UK w/ Kate Voegele
04 Portsmouth, UK w/ Kate Voegele
05 London, UK w/ Kate Voegele
07 Paris, France w/ Kate Voegele
08 Amsterdam, Netherlands w/ Kate Voegele
10 Frankfurt, Germany w/ Kate Voegele
12 Konstanz, Germany w/ Kate Voegele
13 Zurich, Switzerland w/ Kate Voegele
16 Vienna, Austria w/ Kate Voegele
17 Berlin, Germany w/ Kate Voegele
19 Hanover, Germany w/ Kate Voegele
21 Cologne, Germany w/ Kate Voegele
27 Minneapolis, MN, USA
28 Sioux City, IA, USA
30 Kansas City, MO, USA
31 Tulsa, OK, USA


03 Dallas, TX, USA
04 Austin, TX, USA
30 Du Quoin, IL, USA
31 Naperville, IL, USA

Tickets and Meet & Greet info at

Special Message from Tyler & Kate!

Spread the word to your friends on Social Media so they don’t end up tweeting me the day after the show “HOW DID I NOT KNOW YOU WERE HERE?” And I have to tell them “Because you have bad friends…” You know? That’s sad and unnecessary. Let’s avoid that!

Want to be a good friend? Fwd this email to anyone you think might want to be on the mailing list! They can sign up HERE.

That’s all for now! More to come…

Tyler Hilton

Lafayette, LA

PS For all you “One Tree Hill” fans out there… I may or may not be filming something in Louisiana right now with some old friends of mine… 🙂

PPS We get to play the big cities like New York City and Los Angeles a lot, so if we missed your city on tour, please let us know!

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