Tyler on “Forget The Storm” Deluxe edition April 3rd & “Next To You”

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“Late at night, when I’m alone, who knows how, but sometimes songs just come to me. For no reason and with no regard to whether anyone else wants to hear them or if they’ll fit with other songs I’ve been writing for an album. This song called Next To You came this way a few months ago. Justin Glasco and I had been working on an rootsy version of Ain’t No Fooling Me to add to some similar sounding versions of Prince of Nothing Charming, Loaded Gun, and Jenny I had recorded at Steve Miller’s house for the Deluxe Version of “Forget The Storm” coming out April 3rd. I thought since Justin and I were going to be in the studio anyway I’d record “Next To You” as well.

When we finished I had no desire to let it wait around and try and compete with other songs to be on the next full length record whenever that might be. It didn’t sound like a part of the original Forget the Storm and didn’t seem to fit what was I was working on in Nashville for the next record (more on that to come…I promise!). It seemed like it fit perfectly with these new acoustic tracks I was doing for the Deluxe. Anyway, I’m adding it to the re-release of Forget the Storm on iTunes and for those of you wanting something new it’s all yours. It means a lot to me and so it’s fitting to go onto a record that has meant the world to me in the last year.

This record and the songs on it and the fans who bought it and the countries who brought me to them for it has changed everything for me. It’s inspired me to sing the songs I love about the people/ experiences/ feelings that matter to me again and helped me out of the second-guessing creative slump I felt like I had been living in. It made me want to make records again…lots of them. So as we close in on the year mark of the record being out I’m releasing two new versions of it: on iTunes I’m putting out the Deluxe Version avail April 3rd with the above mentioned re-recorded acoustic tracks (maybe even my new favorite versions) plus the new song AND I’m also releasing the record on vinyl which is available for pre-order now. I do have to say, for those of you with record players, the audio snobs are right…I’ve never had one of my records come out on vinyl but I listened to a test copy at home last week and daaaammmmmnnnnn….

So, enjoy the new stuff and get ready for whats next! I’m back and forth between Nashville and LA working on the new record slowly slowly slowly but steady steady steady.”


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