New Live Album: “Live In Atlanta”

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A little background about my new Live Album “Live In Atlanta”

A few months ago I found this blank CD in my guitar case.  I couldn’t remember where it was from so I popped it in my laptop and I heard that this whole show I had done in Atlanta was recorded on it.  Now,  I hardly listen to myself (it’s like hearing yourself on an answering machine…I sound like that!?) but when listening to this show, I felt like I was right back in Atlanta on stage that night.  It was a totally different experience than listening back to my studio records.  I’ve spent so much of my time touring and playing on stage with just me and a guitar and I started to realize that I’d never put anything out that captured what I have spent most of my musical life doing.  So here it is, for those who’ve been to a see me live on some stage, big or small, in the last (holy shit) 10 years or more, or those who haven’t.  I’m putting out Live in Atlanta, a live record of whatever songs I happened to be singing in Atlanta one night this year.  There are some covers, some old songs, some new ones, and even one really new one I haven’t recorded in the studio yet (I was almost not gonna leave it on the record but…what the hell).  This is especially exciting because it’s just another reminder to me of the freedom that has come with opening my own label, Hooptie Tune Records, and putting out whatever I want, whenever I want.  I hope you guys dig it.  Enjoy!


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