You’ll Ask For Me

What was that about the ballroom dancing class I asked about
It’s all I’ve thought about ‘cause you were saying
We might get a chance to talk and talk might lead to dance
And maybe dance might lead to dates and dates to aging

Hope you let your intuition
Precede my reputation
‘Cause I have one

I am what you see
I am not what they say
But if I turned out to be
Could you love me anyway?
Standing in Love
love is hope in your heart will just
Wake up and ask for me by name
Maybe someday will ask for me by name
Just not today

Well, if this is love then it’s hard to say
With your notes and your books and your reaching away
And I’ve confidence issues with your intentions

And I’m not hip to all your tricks
With your algebra and your politics
And the band has planned a hotel intervention

Don’t you leave me by my lonesome to exceed my reputation
‘Cause I have one


I’m always here
I’ve walked you home
Then headed for my own
Until again I’m needed