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Tyler Hilton and Megan Park are engaged!Jan 26, 2014

As close a relationship as we’ve always kept, you fans and I, I remember years ago not wanting to bother anyone with the fact that I’d started dating this killer girl from Canada.

Tyler Hilton & Megan Park Slowly over those years as people started noticing and you all would comment on it on Twitter or see us together or mention something to me at shows I realized that I had been flinching for some kind of potential negativity (there’s always a hater hiding somewhere?) that was never gonna come. I started relaxing and realizing that this secret world of mine with this amazing girl was supported and even encouraged by some of the most important people in the world to me: you guys. So much so that when my jello hand and my saltwater eyes and my dry lips asked her to be my amiga for life I found myself EXCITED to tell YOU!

I’m sure most of you have heard we’re engaged or read it in a magazine somewhere so this is less an announcement and more a thank you thank you thank you! If I’m not with Meg it seems I’m with you all somewhere in the world and after meeting so many of you over the years that keeps her resting easy cause y’all are good people to be spending time with. Thank you all for the continuing good wishes! It’s wonderful sharing this with you. Here’s to the years ahead!

Christmas on the Bayou Premieres on LifetimeDec 10, 2013

Lifetime Christmas on The Bayou Pictures

Photo credits : Eliot Brasseaux

Christmas On The Bayou is coming out on Saturday (Dec 14th on Lifetime) and the closer we get the more I’m re-living filming it this summer. You can’t imagine how different of a vibe the whole project was to anything else I’ve ever gotten to do. Already I was thrilled to get to play such an earnest and down to earth guy in such an earnest and down to earth movie. I’ve never gotten to play anyone like that! Add that to the fact that my girlfriend Megan Park was able to move down to Louisianna with me while I filmed, my old friend Hilarie Burton who’s also in the movie brought her adorable son down, I’ve got an adjoining room to the movies young star Brody, Randy Travis has his tour bus parked in our hotel’s parking lot, and Markie Post and Ed Asner are just down the hall! It was amazing! Megan, Markie and Hilarie spear headed a group trip to a local kids pageant show….Brody had us playing more water sports in the pool then I’ve played since, well I guess since I was his age of 10…we ate killer cajun food…saw some great zydeco music…found some questionable watering holes…and I learned to drive stick shift on the rusty old car I drove in the movie. It was nice being part of a movie family. You can’t help bond off camera with all the time spent together. It was great having Brody around and playing ball between takes. The spirit of it was so light the entire time I can’t imagine you won’t be able to feel it when you watch it. I grew up in a town where it was hot all year round and still to this day haven’t had a white christmas. I could totally relate to this family on the bayou and how they celebrate christmas and that’s part of the unique spirit of this movie to me. It’s about making due with what ya got. I’m a lucky guy to have gotten to be a part of this movie (and a song of mine is in it) and now have it serve as a memory book of that charming summer in Lafayette, LA. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it and of course, Happy Holidays! -Tyler

One Foot In The BayouDec 3, 2013

tyler hilton - one foot in the bayouTODAY I released a really fun new song called “One Foot In The Bayou”. It’s a real party of a track I put together for my first Holiday movie that’s coming out Dec. 14th on Lifetime at 8pm! It’s called “Christmas On The Bayou” and some of you might recognize my ol friend Hilarie Burton from One Tree Hill in it as well. Not only that, but Randy Travis, one of my favorite country singers of all time joins us in the movie too! It’s super cute and christmas-y but set in the swampy bayou of Louisiana where I got the inspiration to record a tune like this. Love me some cajun and zydeco music and believe me it was as fun to record as it sounds. Buy or sample it on iTunes here! // PR Release